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Aggregates Supplied & Delivered in Norfolk

Planning to renovate your house or start a large-scale construction project?

If so you may have realised that you need to invest in key materials like sand, gravel and so on.


These raw materials are called construction aggregates. If you want to buy them in bulk, you need to get them from an aggregate supplier which we are fully equipped to offer.


Typically used in construction work, aggregates are granular materials such as sand, gravel, stone, concrete and bricks.

Aggregates We Supply:

Screened Topsoil




Crushed Concrete

How Are Aggregates Used?

Aggregates are used in construction to...

• Provide drainage

• Fill voids

• Protect pipes

• Create hard surfaces.
• Concrete
• Asphalt

• Roadstone
• Mortar
• Railway ballast

and can also be used for non-aggregate uses of sand, gravel and crushed rock materials.

Only The Highest Quality Of Aggregates. Fact.

Another Reason To Choose BB Contracting For Your Aggregate Needs.

All of our Aggregates are stringently tested by Norfolk Partnership Laboratory for quality and safety assurance.

Our latest Laboratory test achieved the highest grade possible of testing, highlighting the impeccable quality of BB Contracting's Aggregates.

Our Screened Topsoil Aggregate met compliance with BS3882-2015 specifications, with results showing the material to be in the “Low Fertility” and “Low Fertility Calcareous” classifications. The contamination testing undertaken reveals that all the results were within the C4SL’s, Atkins ATRISK and LQM/CIEH S4UL’s threshold values for residential gardens with the consumption of homegrown produce land use, with 1% soil organic matter. This being the most stringent classification.

Our laboratory testing of Crushed Brick & Concrete has passed a thorough screen for asbestos and complies with the PSD specification for predominantly 6F2 and 6F3 Capping material in accordance with Specification for Highways works 600 Series.

You can rest assured that you'll only receive the very best, highest quality aggregates when ordering from

BB Contracting.

Need Aggregates Now?

Ready to order your Aggregates? Look no further than BB Contracting.


Our experienced Team is ready to assist you with all of your Aggregate needs.

Don't wait any longer, Contact us today!

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