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Mobile Screening

Elevate Your Operations with Cutting-Edge Mobile Screening Technology

A mobile screening plant is a piece of heavy equipment used in various industries, including construction, mining, and agriculture. Its primary purpose is to sort, separate, and classify materials such as aggregates, soil, sand, gravel, and other substances. Mobile screening plants offer several advantages, including portability, versatility, and efficiency. 

Benefits Of Mobile Screening


Mobile screening plants can be easily transported to different locations within the UK, reducing the need for material transportation. This is especially valuable for construction projects, mining operations, and agricultural activities, where materials need to be screened on-site.

Cost Savings

By eliminating the need to transport materials to a fixed screening facility, mobile screening plants can significantly reduce transportation costs. This is particularly beneficial for construction and road building projects.

Time Efficiency

Mobile screening plants can quickly process materials on-site, saving time and reducing project timelines. This is crucial for industries with tight schedules and deadlines.


Mobile screening plants are versatile and can be used for a wide range of materials, including aggregates, soil, sand, gravel, and more. They can adapt to various applications, making them suitable for different industries across the UK.

Improved Resource Utilisation

Mobile screening plants help optimise resource utilisation by screening and separating materials efficiently. This ensures that only the required materials are used, reducing waste and improving resource conservation.


Mobile screening plants can handle different screening tasks with ease. Operators can adjust screen sizes and configurations to meet specific project requirements, enhancing flexibility and adaptability.

Labor Savings

Mobile screening plants can reduce the need for manual sorting and screening, leading to potential labor savings and improved worker safety.

How is Mobile Screening used?

The use of mobile screening plants in the UK contributes to improved efficiency, reduced transportation costs, and more sustainable practices in various industries. The specific application and operation of these plants can vary widely based on the materials being processed and the requirements of the project or facility.


  • Construction and Demolition     

  • Waste Sorting

  • Mineral Screening

  • Agriculture

  • Topsoil Screening

  • Landscaping and Garden Centers

  • Mulch and Soil Screening

  • Recycling Facilities

  • Road Construction

  • Subgrade Material Screening

  • Environmental Remediation

  • Contaminant Removal

  • Compost Screening

  • Ports and Harbors

  • Custom Applications

Our Mobile Screening Services

Why BB Contracting for your Mobile Screening?

BB Contracting is a preferred choice for mobile screening services for numerous reasons. Our team of experienced professionals possess extensive expertise in mobile screening, spanning diverse industries.


We prioritise cutting-edge technology, consistently investing in state-of-the-art equipment and staying abreast of industry advancements. Moreover, BB Contracting offers customised solutions tailored to meet specific screening needs, whether in construction, mining, agriculture, or other sectors.


Safety and compliance are paramount, with strict adherence to safety protocols and regulatory standards. Their commitment to environmental responsibility is evident through measures such as dust and noise control, waste reduction, and responsible disposal. Quality assurance is a cornerstone, often accompanied by certifications and accreditations demonstrating their dedication to quality and reliability.


Efficiency and productivity thrive in their screening processes, resulting in cost savings and timely project completion. Clients can expect exceptional customer support, transparent communication, and a strong focus on excellence.


With a proven track record, robust resources, and a global reach, BB Contracting stands as a trusted partner for various industries, delivering cost-effective mobile screening solutions while prioritising safety, sustainability, and client satisfaction.

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